Remco, a worldwide technological leader, designs and manufactures extrusion and finishing systems for thermoplastic and elastomer strip building processes.

REMCO is a pioneer in processing technology and equipment for the Roll Covering Industry:  Covering, Stripping, Curing, Grinding, Grooving, Crowning, Polishing, and Finishing

REMCO does not manufacture rollers, hoses or belts - only machinery and systems for producing or maintaining elastomer-covered rollers and related products such as hoses, belts, tires, and even down-hole packers for the petroleum industry.

REMCO was founded in 1977 in response to a need for better ways to produce rollers. The company entered into machine manufacturing and for over 32 years has been designing and manufacturing extruders and finishing equipment for the roller, belt and hose industries. Since that time, the company has experienced rapid growth due to its ever-expanding and improving product line.

In 1994, REMCO created the Roller Technical Center (RTC), which develops, showcases and tests the company's innovative products. This facility is available for training or development work for all REMCO customers.

REMCO designs all of its products with the operator in mind. Easy-to-learn formats are always available on all automatic or computer-controlled machines, making it possible for inexperienced operators to become proficient in a short period of time.

REMCO sells its products worldwide with international sales accounting for over 50% of total sales. REMCO works with international distributors, as well as a network of representatives around the world. A quarterly newsletter is circulated to all customers and potential customers around the world. Look for REMCO at U.S. and international trade shows, too, with machinery in place for complete demonstrations.