REMCO headquarters building



Advancements in Thermoplastic Building

Use of thermoplastics, including thermoplastic polyurethane, to mold large rollers is explored... Read more

REMCO creating space with new tech center

Roller Equipment Manufacturing Co. is building a technical center at its Grandview, Mo., site to give itself more manufacturing and research and development space. ...adding more machines to the presentation as the site is expanded and more features in the future. ``The response thus far to the site has been good, and we should continue to get good readership online,'' he said. ``We think this is another effective way to sell our machines...'' Read more

REMCO Sees Future in Thermoplastic Rolls

Roller Equipment Manufacturing Co. is continuing to support the growth of thermoplastic elastomers within the roller market by unveiling an upgraded roll builder developed solely for TPEs. Dean Armstrong, Remco president and founder, has been a longtime proponent of the benefits of thermoplastic materials-including TPEs, thermoplastic urethanes and thermoplastic vulcanizates-for roller applications... Read more

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Machinery Makers Look Forward

Machinery suppliers to the rubber industry were among the hardest hit along the supply chain by the recession that bared its teeth to the U.S. economy beginning in 2000... Read more

Uncertain Future

A string of acquisitions, mergers and sell-offs within the rubber roller industry may be an indication of future consolidation, with fewer companies at the fore... Read more

Roller Suppliers Make Case for TPES

Roller suppliers make case for TPEs -  open house demonstration held at Remco's Grandview, Mo., facility • TPE materials processed on Remco equipment, particularly the • via strip building and is similar to other Remco roll builders that... Read more

Looking for Ways to Build Revenues

Remco extruder project aimed at roller business -  roller equipment manufacturer Remco Inc. is developing a new 2-inch • of attracting the roller market. Remco President J. Dean Armstrong • repair advantages over thermoset rubbers, Remco said. With the new... Read more

REMCO System Allows Access for Remote Program Updates

Remco system allows access for remote program updates - and run diagnostics on-screen, Remco Technical Manager Mark Andrews • but the big difference is that Remco technicians are cut out of • save the costs of a plant visit from Remco service personnel... Read more

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Roller Maker

ROLLER MAKER -  Remco Roller Equipment Manufacturing Co. Inc. has developed a system that • fax: 816-761-3463. Or write: Remco, Dept. RPN, 13903 Norby... Read more

Rolling Along

Using a hand-operated printing press, Dean and Bill Armstrong spent their childhood afternoons filling orders for neighborhood businesses... Read more

Small-Business Achievements Receive Recognition Honors

Small-business achievements receive recognition. Honors presentation is Friday morning at Rockhurst College... Read more

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