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Remco has been pioneering the design and development of Strip Building or Strip Winding equipment for almost 40 years.  Our Strip Builders build or coat, rollers, belts, pulleys, or pipe or cylindrical products for the petroleum industry with rubber or thermoplastic polymers. Almost anything cylindrically built can be built with a Remco Strip Builder.  All Remco Strip Building machines consist of a rubber extruder and operator-friendly applicator system mounted on a traveling platform that moves along the length of the spinning mandrel.  These systems are designed to work with a large variety of Remco Spin stations, differing in length, weight, and diameter capacity.  We customize Strip Builders for your needs.


Remco offers three different extruder/applicator sizes to choose from, five standard (SS) spin stations to choose from, and (TS) tooling stations (used in place of the Standard Spin Station (SS) for tooling inline).  


TSB Series, Thermoset Strip Builder Extruders TPB Series, Thermoplastic Strip Builders Strip Builder Spin & Tooling Stations