Dual Swing Head

Make cleanout easier with a dual swing head.  Your operator can be cleaning out the strainer plate and screen on one while the other head is keeping the machine operating. 

Power Feed Attachment

Have a polymer that is difficult to feed?  Perhaps our Power Feed Head can help you. 

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Crosshead Attachment CH-130

Crossheading is a method of providing a continuous application of rubber from an Extruder to a constand feeding of mandrels, wire, cable, and other similarly shaped core material.  The CH-130 Crosshead Attachment is ideal for producing small diameter rolls.  These rolls can vary in diameter from .5" (12.7mm) to 3.5" (88.9mm).  It will handle mandrels to 2.25" (57.1mm) in diameter.  You can obtain highest production at the lowest cost on large quantity production runs.

CH-130 Front View- Click to View Video


Dual Temperature Control 

Independent temperature control of the barrel and screw temperatures

Dual TCU

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Roller Die Attachments

The Roller Die is a calendar head that fits on the front of the extruder.

Remco CRD


Heater and Scale Electrical Outlets on Extruder

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Hot Knife Heater and Six Knives



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Crosshead Attachment Click to view Video