REMCO headquarters building



In 1977, Roller Equipment Manufacturing Co, Inc. (REMCO) was founded and began designing and building automated machinery for the roll covering and related industries.

Experience has always been the basis for Remco machinery.  Prior to 1977, the founder and President of REMCO, Dean Armstrong, worked nearly 20 years producing rollers for a variety of industrial applications.  During this time, original ideas and concepts were developed that later became a portion of the product line that allowed REMCO to become a worldwide leader as a roller equipment supplier.

In the beginning, most manufacturing steps for producing rollers were accomplished by hand.  Labor intensive and mistake-prone operations made achieving repeatable good results nearly impossible.  Skills varied greatly from employee to employee, and even changed from day to day with the same employee. High scrap rates and field rejects determined whether roller manufacturing companies were profitable or even remained in business.  Many REMCO machines do no more than take the tools out of the hand of factory employees and allow those employees to produce the same roller by simply setting controls and establishing parameters.

Today, the roller industry has changed dramatically.  More rigid demands than ever by the end user of the roller leaves the roller manufacturer little option but to improve manufacturing techniques.  A tight labor market and increased competition has made it imperative that maximum production, without cost by rejects, be achieved by each roller producer.  The industry has changed dramatically since Dean first started his career creating what REMCO is today – a leader in improving the industry we serve.

REMCO founder Dean Armstrong