Research & Technical Center



Inside the Research & Technical Center (RTC) is the heart REMCO!  Who comes here? Potential customers, industry analysts, machine operators needing training, and companies developing that special product for their end user -- they all find answers at RTC.

Here are some of the events -- usual and unusual -- that you'll encounter at RTC:

  • Research and Development -- REMCO engineers and technicians design the processing machines of the future.
  • Prototype Testing -- Once designed, machines are tested and refined here.
  • Testing For Customers -- We will help you to evaluate grinding or grooving, test or cure raw materials, or make other appraisals.
  • Reporting -- We can video the proceedings for customers and industry analysts and prepare reports.
  • Training of Customer Operators -- RTC plays host to machine operators who learn how to efficiently run REMCO's user-friendly machines -- often in only a few hours.
  • Specialty Product Production -- For roller companies only (no end users, please), we offer production of special rollers for special applications¬†.¬†
  • Industry Use -- REMCO makes RTC available to all customers and potential customers for testing and evaluation. We encourage the industry to make use of it!