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The Remco Strip Builder is quoted in two parts, the extruder/applicator portion of the machine and the Spin Station portion of the machine, which holds the rotating part. 


There are several options available when choosing a spin station for your TSB or TPB extruder/applicator.  The first option is our standard SS series Spin Station, available in five different models.  The second is an enhanced version of the SS series, the TS series Tooling Station.


Standard Spin Stations

The SS series spin stations vary by load carrying and diameter capacities.  Length is limited only by the available installation space.  To see a list of our SS series Spin Station options, click here.

Tooling Stations

Often customers request tooling capability on the Strip Builder itself.  This gives the machine operator the opportunity to tool in a variety of ways, inline.  For this, we offer our TS series Tooling Station.  To see a list of our TS series Tooling Stations and their options, click here.

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SS: Standard Spin Stations

TS: Upgrade to a Tooling Station